Hi, my name is Chris

Hi there, first off thanks for visiting my site. I’ve been a keen photographer for many years now, ever since I was little and had the opportunity to play with my dad’s old Nikon cameras. Back then it was all film, no digital loveliness. You had to make sure you had the correct ISO film for what you wanted to shoot and then get the correct aperture and shutter settings to get the correct exposure. Since then I have moved on to digital, stayed with Nikon and collect a few lenses along the way.
I’ve recently been self teaching flash photography and portraiture. It’s something I’ve wanted to learn for a while but have only recently had the opportunity to do. I have some soft-boxes a few wireless triggers, backdrops and a few other bits to help me along getting those nice polished portrait shots. Takes a bit or trial and error to get them looking superb but its worth it in the end. I have very good Photoshop skills also and get many requests. More than happy to talk to you further, just use the contact form.   Chris