Photoshop: Attack of the Clone …. Tool

February 23, 2016 ,

I had an interesting request come in today. I was asked if I could Photoshop a different top onto a person and make it look real.
Well I am always up for a challenge so I accepted and said “Yes, I can do that for you, don’t worry”.
So they sent me this image that you can see below.
before photoshop clone tool

Now, being a keen photographer also myself, I thought this was a very good image to start with. Really nice model too. Now I got to thinking about what am I going to replace this top with, to which I was then informed that it had to be a black top.

So this narrowed down my options somewhat, but it was not the end of the world. Now the thing that you need to remember in a situation like this where you are doing a whole top replacement, is the lighting if you don’t get that down then it all looks wrong. Some Photoshop can help but it just looks wrong. This sent me on a hunt for another image that I could sample that had to correct lighting and a similar position.

After finding that gold dust image and then selecting only the top and the neck/chest skin I could then start layering. The chest skin and the top had to be 2 different layers as I needed to colour correct them to make the skin tones match.

After some playing around with the dimensions of the new layer, some warping of the shape and a little bit of the liquify tool I got what I wanted.
It was so good in fact that the client was so happy they asked for 7 more! So the fun started all over again, with 7 different images of tops that needed to be sourced. The same process follows for those also.